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for Book Publishers, Books, E-Books and Audiobooks
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Statements for Book Publishers,
Books, E-Books and Audiobooks

The book industry is changing. We’re here to help!
steinhardt music & royalty GmbH creates your royalty statements

The book market has changed dramatically through digital development processes.
The advantages of digital books are capturing the interest of more and more readers.
The market is growing, but the continual developments are causing increased complexity and difficulty within statement procedures. The convergence of music with audiobooks has caused these two previously separate media to merge, thus providing publishers with new challenges.

Statements for Books and E-books

The usage of literary works and specialized texts requires competence when dealing with statements of all stakeholders involved. This is especially important in the case of e-books, whose sales have become more important through digital developments.
Therefore, in addition to the sale of books, we also take care of e-book sales.

We create royalty statements for you and fee statements for your authors, editors and translators. This includes the administration of sales from bookshops, distributors and direct sales. Upon request, we also take care of the delivery of statements, as well as communication with your contractors.

Audiobook Statements

Statements are also of great importance in the world of audiobooks. We distribute the proceeds from bookshops, sound recording industry, and from direct sales to your speakers, authors and other stakeholders.
In addition to the royalty statements and fee statements we offer another GEMA-related service. Many of the audiobooks contain musical selections, which are subject to GEMA regulations. These must be registered with GEMA and managed.
Thus, we offer a complete solution, which we adapt to your individual needs.
Through our special software, and our large database system, we offer you excellent, reliable and punctual service at reasonable prices.

The growth of our company through customer satisfaction and referrals, demonstrates the quality of our performance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

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