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and manage GEMA registrations and GEMA royalty statements
We are happy to take care of all GEMA communication for you.

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GEMA Service- Rights Management, Applications and Statements

steinhardt music & royalty GmbH offers information
and services involving the GEMA (collecting society)

GEMA manages copyright for composers and lyricists.
The complex structures of GEMA often make the procedures difficult to understand. The statements for CDs, applications for new works or registration of concerts and events are often time-consuming and aggravating.

Therefore, we offer our services to music labels, artists, publishers and agencies:

GEMA Statements for Recordings:

We manage GEMA registrations and statements for recordings, in accordance with the different agreements, such as:

- Einzelvertrag (VUT / VDM / DRMV)
- Normalvertrag (VUT / BVMI)

We’ll advise you as to what the most cost-effective alternative is.
We would also be happy to take care of all GEMA communication for you. We work with a software and database system specially programmed for this purpose. The data transfer of quarterly GEMA statements is carried out by our software in TAS/TONIS format.
Returns and outstanding payments are postponed to the next statement period through our GEMA software, until the settlement of the returns.
After taking into account the minimum royalty license, the current registered works and the provisions for returns, we will give you an estimate for the GEMA license fee and will provide you with a preliminary calculation as an overview and for the purpose of reviewing.

GEMA Registration for Works:

We register newly written works, from all genres, making sure all artists are represented. The registrations are important so that further statements and licenses for these songs can be created; and, so that the artists/composers receive the appropriate royalty.

Live Events and Concerts:

We report music playlists and event registrations to GEMA and consult with you on estimated costs. We offer preliminary calculations and take care of all necessary administration steps.

For Music Portals and Internet Content:

We take care of GEMA reporting and all the related communication involved.
These reports include MP3s, downloads and streaming.
We work with the standards set by GEMA.

GEMA Website:


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